What to expect

  Getta Grip delivers an authentic, polished Rock sound with a focus on the performance. For over a decade, they have been the band everyone enjoys and musicians come to see. These players have all been in the Detroit music scene for many years with some of the leading acts in town. This band can do it all from sweet and soulful Blues to melt your face Rock.  Add the superior sound and visual effects, this band delivers a professional package at affordable rates.  Visit our Contact page for more information. 


Hire Getta Grip!


  Getta Grip makes every show an all out Rock Concert experience, with professional sound reinforcement and Special Effects that add a touch of class and excitement to your Event!  This Band is a class act that has well over 150 years of combined experience delivering live entertainment at its best!

  This is NOT your average Rock or Classic Rock Band.  This group is focused on modern rock music with some classics mixed in for variety.


Looking for Professionals?

Because of our extensive experience, Getta Grip is able to Deliver a Quality performance to your event with minimal disruption for equipment set up and show preparations.


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